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Best Gaming Monitor For PS4

Asus VG248QE Gaming Monitor Review To Use With PS4

Asus is known for its great tech and Gaming Products and Asus VG248QE Gaming Monitor is no exception. Asus VG248QE feature the 144 Hz display with a response time of 1 Millisecond which is great for gamers. This Gaming monitor was released back in 2013 and in this review, we will tell you if it still worth it in 2018.
Design & Build Quality
Asus VG248QE is a great Gaming Monitor. The build quality is top-notch and it doesn’t feel cheap from any angle. It comes with a solids stand which has small circular which rotates with the monitors. The stand also has a clip at the back for cable management.
Stand upper part is ergonomically designed and it is moveable to give you comfortable viewing position. It can be moved left or right by 45 to -45 Degree and Tilt Range is -15 to -5 Degree. You can also rotate it by 90 Degree clockwise position. Its height can also be adjusted from 0-120 MM.
The whole body of the Asus VG248QE is covered with a plastic coating which is quite reflective and prone to the fingerprints.
Features & Performance
Asus VG248QE come with a lot of great features and the main highlight is its 144 HZ display with a response time of 1 Millisecond. Asus also use its state of the art Trace Free II Technology for make the motion scenes ultra-smooth. We played some Marvel Heroes 2016 on this monitor and the colors were Decent. Asus used TN Panel in this monitor so Black Look kind of gray in the dark environment, viewing angles are horrible from top and Bottom but from viewing angles from sides are respectable.
The Screen is Full HD 1080p Support and with 18:9 screen ratio with 98.9 % s.RGB Color Gamut and 70.7% Adobe RGB Color Gamut. The Color Accuracy of the Monitor is excellent but it doesn’t support the HDR mode.
The Asus also feature its Splendid Video Intelligence Technology in this monitor which optimize the video Quality and image fidelity by enhancing color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. There are 6 modes available which can be selected with a hotkey present on the front of the screen.
• Scenery mode
• Theater Mode
• Night View Mode
• sRGB Mode
• Standard Mode
Asus VG248QE is also compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Kit and NVIDIA 3D Light Boost Technology. You can enjoy 3D Technology in 3D mode with zero increase in total energy consumption.
The Monitor has the 6 Physical buttons present on the front side including the Power button, Mode Button, Menu, Gaming etc. The Button is tactile enough but they are kind of confusing for example menu button close the brightness menu but act as a select button in the main menu. Once the learning curve is over, you will get used to it.
The back of the Monitor feature the extensive connectivity options, you get the Display port, Dual-link DVI Port, HDMI Port, PC Audio Line-in and Earphone Jack.
We Liked
Asus VG248QE is an amazing gaming monitor. It has the 144 Hz Refresh rate with a response time of 2.1 milliseconds, the company claims that the refresh rate is 1 second but in our tests, the refresh rate was 2.1 milliseconds which is still very great. The monitor still produces great images without the need for separate blur reduction feature and this monitor is great for all kind of games.
Another great thing is its amazing build quality and small footprint. Its bezels are not very thick but not very small, they are respectable and you can have great gaming experience with it.
We Disliked
Asus VG280 is not a top of the line gaming monitor and you will have to compromise in few departments and the first thing which you will compromise here is the colors. As we mentioned above, the screen has the TN Panel which is not very great with colors, however, you can fix it by downloading a preset but still it’s there and you should know it just in case if you are planning to do some of your creative work like Video or picture editing on it.
We loved that the Panel has 144 Hz Refresh rate but it can only be used when devices are connected to DVI-D ports and Display ports. You can’t get the same quality if you connect it via HDMI port.
The last thing we didn’t like is the integrated speakers and if you are gamer you probably won’t use them because they are just OK and you should external speakers for good gaming experience and built-in speakers are just there in case if you use them.
Final Verdict
Asus VG280 is a great Gaming Monitor and we loved it in spite of its shortcomings. This Monitor is available for around 250$ price point which is very reasonable. Overall you will get good Gaming and Video Quality from this monitor and it can handle your long gaming sessions.