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The Best 4k Monitors 2016-2017


Technology is taking innovative changes in today’s generation. We have gone through the age of composite home monitors to early LCD stages, advanced LCD stages and then the Led technology break through. But technology hadn’t had enough of it. 4K resolution refers to a horizontal resolution which has approximately 4,000 pixels. 4k ultra high definition and 2160 pixels is the same thing so don’t get confused about it. The only difference is that 4k is the horizontal pixel length and 2160p is the vertical just like the 1080p. Another word for 4k screens is UHD. The introduction of 4K monitors has taken over many previous monitor technologies. 4k monitors are being used professionally as well as by another demographic of people who are really interested in a higher resolution, the gamers.


The Samsung UD970 is another thin bezel 4k monitor in the market. This slim bezel 4k monitor is the top of the line monitor for home and small office use. It supports 4K ultra high definition. The UD970 has a thin bezel and an elegant design with a large matte finish screen. The thin mounting on the UD970 makes it adjustable to any direction. This small bezel 4k monitor is perfect for Google hangouts and Skype sessions with friends or professional activities.


Dell’s Ultra Sharp U2417HJ 24 inch thin bezel 4k monitor is a frameless screen display monitor and is also one of the best thin bezel 4k monitors of 2016. This screen is loaded with technology and thanks to its IPS Panel, it not only covers all color gamut but also has wide viewing angles. The stand is fully adjustable and can pivot in any direction and also change its elevation. The ultra thin bezel monitor is one of our favorites.


Asus MX27q is another thin bezel 4k monitor and also a flagship model of the Asus MX series. The company calls this frameless design monitor a “work of art”. The bezel around the screen is 0.8mm which is nearly invisible. The thin bezel 4k monitor by Asus supports 100% RGB color gamut so it can perform really well in professional works such as photography and graphic designing.


Another high tech thin bezel 4k monitor by Acer is the R240HYbidx model with a 25 inch screen. This model also has a thin bezel on the top and sides. Acer is a company famous for providing the cheapest monitors, cheap in price not in quality. This monitor is also becoming for its fastest response time.


Thin bezel 4k monitors are everywhere in the market and all the brands are introducing their best thin bezel models. Lenovo X24 is another thin bezel 4k monitor which is new in the market and dominating. This monitor has a screen size of 24 inches. This monitor also features an IPS panel and has a slim bezel. But this monitor is lacking in few features but is best for great picture quality.


LG Electronics never stays behind in the market and has also launched their thin bezel 4k monitor model 24MP88HV-S. This LG monitor has 5ms response time and a 4k ultra high definition display. This LG model has all the features to make it in the top rankings.


These are some of the best 4k monitors that are famous for their thin bezel. Companies are updating their product line day by day. The new trend for thin bezel 4k monitors is also becoming very famous among the consumers. The competition between brands is also increasing everyday. The prices of these monitors vary from $300 to $2000, so it is up to you which model you choose according to your pocket and requirements. As said before, the more advanced technology is, prices will increase as well. So enjoy the new technology of thin bezel 4k monitors in a wide range of models.