HP Announces The HP Envy 27 4K Thin Bezel Display

HP Envy 27 4K Thin Bezel Display

Since the world is upgrading to the new technology of 4k ultra high definition screens, HP is committed to introduce more and more models one after the other with the 4k technologies. The 4k UHD is the new technology, which is adopted by many multi media companies of the world, and HP is a part of this race. HP has introduced many new models of 4k monitors especially those that have a thin bezel. Thin bezel is the new thing and taking over the monitor screen world very fast. Thin bezel 4k monitors give an edge to beauty and resolution to the screens.  The very famous HP monitor is the Dream Color Z32x, which is a 32 inch 4k screen monitor, has been a dominating monitor in the market. HP is giving a tough competition to its competitors such as Samsung, Dell, Acer and Lenovo. All of these brands are focused in providing the top thin bezel 4k monitors in the market.

Thin Bezel HP Envy 27

The new addition in HP’s product line is the new HP Envy 27 4K thin bezel monitor. The screen size of this thin bezel 4k monitor is 27 inches which means it will have a lower price than the other models. The 27 Inch display is a gaming monitor with an IPS panel. This thin bezel 4k monitor is supporting 99% sRGB Colors. The design is a chrome finished thin bezel monitor.

Monitor Highlights

The monitor has HDMI ports and can also charge your laptop and phone with 60 watts of power. This USB-c port can also charge the new MacBook Pro and 12 inch MacBook. So this is good news for apple users. A single cable will give your laptop display and power at the same time. Its seamless design makes it attractive for its users and customers. The monitor also supports Free Sync, which means it will help in image tearing when gaming at 4K. The AMD Free Sync also helps to eliminate stuttering and tearing in videos by locking the refresh rate to e frame rate of the graphics card. The price of this thin bezel 4k monitor is giving the toughest competition to LG’s ultra fine 4k monitor which is priced at $650. HP’s new Envy 27 thin bezel 4k Monitor is available for $499 making the LG ultra fine 4k monitor a less attractive option in the market. Although the LG Ultra Fine has 21.5 inches screen, built in speakers, 4k display and all the ports like the HP Envy, it will still be a less suitable option for customers. The 27 inch screen 4k thin bezel monitor by HP will be the new thing.

HP Thin Bezel Monitors Worth It

HP has provided computer and printing solutions for its consumers at home or in the office. HP has a wide range of up to date computers, laptops, monitors, notebooks, printers and accessories related to all these. HP is a company that is trusted worldwide for its performance and quality. Many consumers know HP for its printing solutions because HP is the worlds best company providing the best printers. HP is introducing thin bezel 4k monitors one after the success of the other and people like it. Thin bezel 4k monitors is the new face of monitor screens around the world.

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