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Ultrawide is the term used for a thin bezel monitor with a 21: 9 aspect ratio. These thin bezel monitors are much wider than conventional 16: 9 monitors, and are therefore very suitable for full-featured content and multitasking. That way, you never have to scale your documents or software and do not need a second screen. An ultra-wide display also features a higher resolution so that you can enjoy a very sharp image besides a lot of work space. You conveniently benefit the following from the Ultra Wide FHD (2560×1080):
• IPS display ensures the best viewing experience and visual comfort.
• This device creates beautiful images with the right color temperature for monitors with thin bezel
• Product Type: 21: 9 Ultrawide Monitor Full HD
• Screen Diagonal: 25 “inch
• Color range: sRGB 99%
• Type panel: IPS
• Aspect ratio: 21: 9
• Resolution: 2560×1080
• Brightness (CD / m²): 250 cd / m2
• Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1 (Type)
• Response time: 5 ms
• Viewing angle: 178º / 178º
• Color Depth: 8bits, 16.7M
• Panel surface: Anti-Glare, 3H
• Power Consumption: 27W
• Energy saving / sleep mode: 0.3W
• Tiltable: from -5º to +20º
• Dimensions by foot: 609 x 383 x 188 mm
• ultra thin bezel monitor
• Resolution
Where a conventional 16: 9 Full HD monitor offers a 1920×1080 resolution, a 2160 UltraWide monitor in Full HD offers 2560×1080 resolution. Do you want to go wide then there are the 21: 9 QHD monitors with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. They have the unprecedented sharpness to all corners.


• Excellent For Multitasking
Efficient multitasking for monitors with thin bezels and with Screen Split Screen Split allows multitasking on a single screen with four programs simultaneously. The Screen Split function divides the screen into multiple sub-images without overlapping windows. With Picture-in-Picture (PIP), it is possible to work while playing a video for the image in a smaller window. Everything for creates higher productivity. OnScreen Control is designed to adjust monitor settings with just a few mouse clicks easily. My Display Presets offers customizable image settings for different software. Set a preference for each application that is automatically selected.

• Real color Display
This device has color rendering with sRGB higher than 99%. The IPS screen is a unique experience. When your eyes reach the two edges of the screen, you will experience the surprising visual comfort, allowing you to see everything, to the smallest detail! Unlike many other monitors that only excite in blue and green colors, this monitor picks up a larger sRGB color spectrum. It is higher than the average 99% coverage. This creates amazingly realistic color shots. It is just too perfect for professional photographers and graphic designers. Because the 21: 9 UltraWide monitor is extensively calibrated, you are guaranteed a realistic color display.

• Excel
The 21: 9 ratios provide an efficient environment for your Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and OneNote. Thanks to the widescreen, there are as many as 35 columns and 46 rows visible simultaneously in Excel with a Full HD version. The QHD 21: 9 monitors reach 47 columns and 63 rows at a glance. This creates a much larger work surface without having to scroll or hide options.

• Black Stabilizer
Black Stabilizer offers gamers excellent visibility even in dark scenes. The darkest side is automatically detected and lighter so you can find enemies who hide and wait to attack you in the dark and vice versa. Also, the effect of attacks with hand grenades is attenuated, which may be difficult for players of FPS games. Dynamic Action Sync allows you to play faster with a lower input layer.
• Game mode
Because of the wide aspect ratio, you only see more, you win faster and experience the games more intense. Image stutter and half frames are past due to the built-in Dynamic Action Sync. Because the specific elements of each genre differ, you can easily set the settings

You can choose from the Gamer, FPS, and RTS modes, because the specific elements of each genre differ. This way you can enjoy customized game experiences! With a simple touch of the joystick you have at your fingertips, you can customize and optimize the settings for the game you want to play. And because you can use the integrated joystick at the bottom of the monitor, you’ll have a lot more chance of winning.
Final Thought: LG 25UM58-P 25 Inch Monitor
LG 25UM58-P 25 Inch Monitor has an excellent monitor of 21:9 ratios than the average 16:9 which makes it more convenient for multitasking. The resolution will also allow you to enjoy real and sharp image. This is a product to get if you want amazing display as a graphics designer or pro photographer.


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