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Dell 8K Monitor Review 2017

Dell’s UP3218K offers more resolution and quality than you or anyone else can handle – literally and is the worlds first dell 8k monitor to be able to be purchased. The Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K is the first commercially available Monitor that everyone can buy for $5000. The monitor can deliver an incredible 280 PPI pixel density that provides details and clarity that is incomparable to anything on the market. With 4K TV’s and Monitors becoming mainstream as well as affordable, the industry looks towards the new Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K to move the industry into the future.

4K TVs and monitors offer the best pictures available. The world is just starting to really put them in there homes, now that prices have comed down a bit and the amount of 4K content has gradually increased.

What does 8K possibly offer?

Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K Review: The Features

The name says it all, Dell’s UP3218K is designed to provide a visual experience like no other. It’s a 32-inch screen that delivers 8K resolution at 60 FPS seamlessly. The 8K IPS panel with a 7680 x 4320 resolution provides more than ample workspace for designers, editors, and animators that work on massive projects or required multiple windows to be opened at the same time. What’s truly impressive is that the screen can be as bright as 400cd/m2, and contrast levels can go up to 1300:1, as well as being able to display 100% coverage of the sRGB and Adobe RGB gamuts, 100% REC 709 and 98% DCI-P3 for gorgeous color display.

Considering the wide variety of features, it’s easy to conclude that the Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K is aimed toward content creators, film editors, and designers that require high precision monitors rather than gamers. To top it all off, Dell’s InfinityEdge provides an edge to edge viewing experience making the edges almost unnoticeable.

Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K Review: The Design

Pictures come to life.

Experience realistic images like you have never seen on a monitor before with the award winning dell8k monitor.

The best visual experience: Amazing 8K resolution gives you pictures like no other.

Dell PremierColor: Great for professionals. Get your color jobs done with the best – wide color coverage, incredible depth, precise color and customizable parameters.

  • Real life pics
  • Pictures like no other
  • 33 megapixels
  • Must add more chords to monitor
  • Dell is best in high end displays
  • Eternal power supply with hight adjustments
  • Top Quality from Dell Monitor Division
  • 4 port usb hub

The bad

  • No built in speakers

Considering the Monitor costs a stunning $5000 it’s fair to assume a great design and build quality – which Dell delivers. Like every other Dell UltraSharp Monitor, the Dell UP3218K uses the same black and powder coated silver design that gives Dell products their sophisticated look while fitting right in every home and work environment. The overall impression of the monitor is smart and slim as well as featuring an all-aluminum frame with only 9.7 mm thin bezels.

8K has twice the number of pixels as 5k. Imagine that.  I use a 4k lg screen and it is really nice. Just imaging this dell monitor on your desktop.

The best part about the design is by far the adjustable stand. With an amazing array of flexibility and options, you can tilt, swivel, and adjust the height of the monitor using the stand to customize it to your need. It’s also worth mentioning that compared to other 8K monitors on the market, the Dell UP3218K is also the thinnest 8K monitor. All basic features such as USB 3.0 slots and a 3.5mm audio jack are there but what really caught my attention was the two DisplayPort 1.4 receptacles which open the doors for higher resolution quality and frame rates! You can use the monitor with a single DisplayPort Cable but there will be a considerable decrease in quality.

Dell’s 8K monitor can refresh 8K images at 60Hz, which can be amazing for video games.  You will require a lot of bandwith to do all of that though.

A single DP cable doesnt have enough power to pass all of that.

To get the best 8K resolution , make sure to have  a graphics card in your computer that has two DP ports.

Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K Review: Final Thoughts

Dell’s UP3218K is by all accounts an amazing monitor that delivers a seamless high-quality 8K experience – for professionals. If you’re someone thinking about buying Dell’s UP3218K Monitor for gaming then it’s not a good idea simply because there aren’t any games that can support 8K gaming. As far as videos are concerned, YouTube does have a limited selection of 8K videos but you’ll need an insanely powerful PC to run those smoothly.

In the end, the Dell UltraSharp 8K Monitor UP3218K is the best 8K monitor on the market but doesn’t have any practical uses outside of making or editing pictures and videos.


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I use the LG 3k monitor 27 inch right now and love it. It is great for video gaming and the picture is amazing.
LG has a great warranty no hassle as well which is why I chose them. It is not a 8k dell but it will have to do till this prdice drops a little. I know there the only one selling this so the 5000 has not come down but hopefully it will

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